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Our Prices


SMS UNITS                    PRICE/SMS(N)

100 - 9,999                    1.55k

10,000 - 99,999                1.50k

100,000 - 999,999              1.45k

Above 1 million                       Call Us

We now charge 1 sms units = 1 page to all GSM Networks.

Remember, perfect delivery remains our priority. We never fail in delivery. Try us today and see.

Our services

  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting/Domain Name
  • Accurate phone database
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Domain Name

Buy a domain name for as low as N1,350 from us. We offer the best Price you can think of. We are the best and final place to get your domain name at the cheapest price.

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Domain Resellers

Our domain name resellers buy @ N1,300 and sell @ their own prices. Make money today from domain name reselling. Just call us today. Always there for you. 08030917380

We have a special database which we get directly from NETWORK PROVIDERS on demand. This provides accurate numbers for the requested areas. Our agents in service providers will get it direct from their database. People that have used it are really happy bc of it's accuracy. Call us for more details 08030917380.

Any place, any city, Local Government or state. The most recent numbers of people in that area will be generated with accuracy.

N/B: The price for this type depends on the quantity demanded for a particular area.


We also provide the general database arranged by Local Government or State for the whole 36 states plus FCT at a giveaway price. Just call us and tell us the one you want.